Monday, April 18, 2016

deut. 3

S:Deut.3:22-Ye shall not fear them: for the LORD your God he shall fight for you.
O: Moses was telling Joshua to not fear men because GOD would fight for him. If we have GOD on our side, we shouldn't fear man. Sometimes that's hard to do though considering the world we live in. We need to trust GOD to defend and protect us. This verse can be used for several occasions such as when people talk about you, falsely accuse you, threaten you and are abusive towards you and in other situations.
A: this verse made me think of other verses in the Bible, Exodus 14:13&14, Romans 8:31, Deut.1:30 and others. When others come against me, i can cry out to GOD for protection and Him to defend and avenge me.
K: Father GOD, thank You for being my Defender and Protector. Thank You for being my Faithful Father in Whom i can trust completely. In Christ's Name, Amen.

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